L*Roneous Da'Versifier – Imaginarium (25th Anniversary Edition) CD


HHE is proud to announce the very first release of our Dutch fam Boom Bap Relickz! The newly founded label proudly presents the first solo album by Oakland legend L*Roneous Da‘Versifier. By many headz considered a classic project, but on vinyl previously only released as a single vinyl edition that came in a generic sleeve.


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the album no less than 4 extra bonus tracks are included and BBR went all out when it comes to quality and diversity. Check out the variants below!


• 350 x 2LP Gatefold black vinyl
• 125 x 2LP Gatefold gold vinyl
• 125 x 2LP Gatefold blue translucent vinyl


All vinyl come in a polypropylene sleeve with hypesticker, an additional press photo and a large folded insert (600x300) w/ all lyrics.


• 200 x CD in jewelcase with hypesticker and 12 page booklet w/ all lyrics
• 200 x Deluxe 2xCD 3-flap digipack with all instrumentals on the bonus disc, hypesticker and 12 page booklet w/ all lyrics


• 100 x Tapes with printed body, 7-panel j-cart and hypesticker.


Each format has its own cover art. For the real collectors, there’s a Collector Package Deal. You also have the possibility to buy an authentic Yupoong snapback cap with 3D embroidered BBR logo on the front and their small brush symbol, dusting off your right ear, embroidered on the side. Available in 7 different colors.
When combined with the Collector Package Deal, you only pay half of the normal price for the cap. That's to celebrate the first official release from Boombap Relickz, who are already working hard on their second release coming later this year...




  1. Castaway The Stoways
  2. Doctrines of the Lip Swift
  3. L'chemy
  4. Implosion
  5. A Place Called This
  6. #4 With Cheese
  7. Imaginarium
  8. Virtuosity
  9. No Limitations
  10. The R.A.I.N.S.
  11. L-evation
  12. Oral Excercise
  13. Manifesto
  14. In The C.O.R.N.
  15. Transgression
  16. Revolutions
  17. Regimens
  18. The "L" Perspective
  19. Cycles Of The Mind


Shipping Date: Mid to Late March