HEAVY JEWELZ RECORDS - A neo indy rap label dedicated to bring back to life the overlooked music of yesteryear that, for various reasons and circumstances, never quite got the light it deserved. Born and bred from a background of taping demos, promos, freestyles, and other rarities back in the day right off the radio shows like Mr Magic, the Awesome Two, Hank Love & Halfpint, Meyhem & Riz, In Control, Red Alert, The Raw Deal, Vibes And Vapors, and most influentially the Stretch and Bobbito Show. Culling from the direct knowledge and memories of the exclusive material these shows consistently broke, plus years upon years of diggin for ourselves and always adding a taste from the palate of our own collective history with hip hop, the Jewelz that we drop will always be Heavy. Sit back and relax, it's gonna be an aurally delightful ride.