Rasco - United Fakes of America LP


Rasco (whose name is an acronym for “realistic, ambitious, serious, cautious, and organized”) worked as a member of the West Coast hip-hop groups Various Blends and Cali Agents. His deep voice and straight-ahead rap style came to the public’s attention with his 1997 12” The Unassisted, which earned him several honors including number one on the Bay Area Hip-Hop Coalition chart, number one on the independent hip-hop chart in Hits magazine, and number one on Sway and King Tech’s nationally syndicated Wake Up Show for four weeks straight. His debut album, Time Waits for No Man, was released in 1998 on Stones Throw with a production team that included Paul Nice, Peanut Butter Wolf, and Evidence of the group Dilated Peoples. The follow-up EP The Birth arrived in 1999. Moving from Stones Throw to Copasetik, Rasco released Hostile Environment (2001) he left to start his own, Pocketslinted, in 2004... Until now working independently releasing several albums.


Produced by OHNO, Dj Wich, JR&PH7, The Returners, Cache, UnJust & Amazing Maze.


Limited to only 250 copies, inclusing printed inner sleeve + insert!




1. Intro 01:23
2. The Initiation 01:51
3. United Fakes of America 02:37
4. Let's Get It 03:40
5. Clear & Present Danger 02:55
6. Gat In Your Mouth Feat. Planet Asia 02:59
7. Interlude 00:13
8. Home 03:51
9. Stay Building Feat. Big Nutz 03:29
10. Interlude 00:16
11. H.E.L.P. 02:26
12. Soft Breeze 00:29
13. Offspring 02:50
14. Interlude 01:00
15. Splashers Feat. Killa Kali 03:16
16. Dime Piece 03:40
17. Interlude 00:38
18. Shine Feat. Wordup & Young Miz 03:52


Shipping Date: November 18th, 2022