Circle Of Native Vibes - Yellow Tape (95 Demo Tape) LP

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The saga continues! Another dope project from the CNV called Yellow Tape. Crazy demo tape from 94-95, all unheard tracks, pure demo tape sound style, you know the ones with those incredible gems on it. A perfect slice of 9 sick tracks. The task of tape restoration was no joke, mad hours were spent on it in order to clean it up and bring back those mad conscious lyrics and ill melodies. Incredible vibes and prophetical verbatim, CNV at its absolute best! Peace to the Gods they know what time it is. Indeed the lyrical mathematik is on point (as always) and the Sonic Math of the beats is crazy too, Planet KI is coming!!


Artworks : Oliver Prill for Prillustrationz
Mastering & Tape Restoration : Vincent Ternest for Wax Flower


Only 300 CDs & 300 vinyl will be pressed.


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Shipping Date: August 31st, 2022