O.G. Psychokilla Presents G-Funk Tha World, Vol. 1 CD


O.G. Psychokilla who hails from South Central, LA has been collecting tapes since as long as he can remember. He's one of the guys behind the WGFprod. discogs account and collective and has one of the most impressive tape collections on the planet. Demos, unreleased material and rarities is what he focuses on strictly.


I'm proud to announce the very first volume of "O.G. Psychokilla Presents G-Funk Tha World" which will be distributed exclusively through HHE. The tracklist will blow you away, and keep in mind that this is material that most likely will never see the light of day. Vaulted Death Row tracks, demos and unreleased material it's all included. This mixtape will be factory pressed, and will be limited to only 250 copies.




01. Link One - Real Shit (1994) Oakland, CA
02. Playa-J - How Ya Livin (1996) Vallejo, CA
03. Maliciouz - Vest On Your Dome (1996) Seattle, WA
04. Above The Law - Sign Of The Times (Unreleased) (199x) Pomona, CA
05. 4D - Phunkalicious (Unreleased) (199x) Los Angeles, CA
06. Paraphernalia - Uz A Busta (1997) Watts-South Central L.A., CA
07. 187 Murder Redrum - Conspiracy 2 Murder (1995) Sacramento, CA
08. D-1 Snake Eyes - Fugitive (Unreleased) (199x) Detroit, MI-Los Angeles, CA
09. D.O.A. - Habitual Criminal (1996) Stockton, CA
10. V.K. - Demo Track 2 (Unreleased) (1994) Houston, TX
11. B-LO - Let Me Know (1994) Pittsburgh, PA


Shipping Date: February 4th, 2022