Swift Wizdom – Straight From NJ... The EP (OG COPIES)


Back in 2001 producer Keith Science and rapper Swift Wizdom recorded a dope project that they ended up pressing on CD-R for their immediate friends and family.


In 2015 Keith decided to press this baby up on vinyl through his own label Central Wax. HHE has secured some of the last available copies of this release, all vinyl is still brand new and sealed and this won't be repressed. For the CD headz, check out the CD section as we worked with Keith to drop a very limited run of only 150 copies on CD as well.




A1 This Is How It Should Be Done
A2 Straight From NJ
A3 My Side Of The Story
A4 M.T.U.


B1 Breakin' Backs
B2 Call Me Evil
B3 Still It Rains
B4 No Hook (Bonus Track)