Starr Nyce - Forever CD


Nowadays many East Coast Boom Bap collectors deep in the game are hunting for little known hardcore hip-hop from the late 90's and early 00's. In an era when hardcore New York rap starting falling off there were other areas like Virginia, along with DC and Baltimore to name a few that spawned a lot of street crews and rappers detailing the hustle and everyday struggle to surivive. Most of these releases were extremely limited and only sold locally making them very sought after in this day and age.


One of those rappers was Starr Nyce, a man from Lynchburg a.k.a. Hill City (Iceburg), VA that even the most knowledgeable headz might not know. In that era Starr Nyce dropped several dope street albums that are plain and simple impossible to find these days. HHE has had the privilege to look inside Starr Nyce's vaults and handpick some of the dopest tracks. The result is an album that's 19 tracks deep shedding light on life through the eyes of Starr Nyce. I hope you will enjoy this one as much as I have, 1L!


Limited to only 300 copies and remastered by Jee Van Cleef. The vinyl edition has been delayed and will become available in late January.




1 "Forever"
2 "The Movement"
3 "Sports Center"
4 "Dat's Wussup"
5 "Ohh Wee"
6 "Get Up, What Up"
7 "Sick"
8 "Hill City (Iceburg)" Ft. Dolla
9 "Jungle Music"
10 "Nights Like This" Ft. Twinn Thugz
11 "Showdown" Ft. Skotch Davis
12 "Fyre"
13 "Jo Jo And Black"
14 "Ya Boy Starr"
15 "Byrds"
16 "Blaow!!" Ft. Dolla
17 "The One"
18 "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me"
19 "I Like It"


Shipping Date: December 29th, 2021