MC Shinobi – The Revenge Of Shinobi LP (BACKORDER)


Extremely dope sophomore album from Arizona’s own MC Shinobi. The first album was self-released a couple years ago and this follow up features killer production from the likes of DJ Obsolete, MPadrums, B.B.Z. Darney and DJ Daredevil [R.I.P.] as well as guest features from Herring regulars MC Gels & Hahyeem. Underground hip hop at its finest!!!




A1 Intro
A2 Any Day
A3 Merciless
A4 1520 Sedgwick Ave
A5 One of Those Seven Emcees (Skit)
A6 6ix Million Wayz ft. Masta Lenn
A7 Life & Death ft. Hahyeem


B1 Our Existence ft. MC Gels
B2 Back in Time
B3 Holding Wrath ft.GSE
B4 How Many ? ft. SB Metrix & SD Seven
B5 Any Day (MPadrums Remix)
B6 Gundanium Alloy
B7 Outro


Shipping Date: Late March, 2024