Swoop G – Undisputed CD (OG COPIES)

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Swoop G from the LBC was formerly signed to Death Row Records. He spent a lot of time on the label, yet, like so many Death Row artists before him, failed to release an album on the label. These are sealed OG copies of his debut album "Undisputed" from 1997 featuring Luniz, 3X Krazy, Cydal, Tray Dee, Poppa LQ, JT The Bigga Figga and more!




1 Intro
2 Tha M.O.B.
3 I Am The 1
4 Not To Be Fucked Wit
5 My Life
6 Call Me
7 Who Got The Gangsta Gangsta Shit Pt. II
8 Gangsta In California
9 20 Dollars
10 Testimonies
11 East Side Madness
12 Simpin' Into Pimpin'
13 G-House
14 She Broke Me Off
15 O.B.G.
16 Soldier's Prayer


Shipping Date: September 30th, 2021