​The Hidden Character - ??? Cassette


The latest release from Ill Catz Records, this time around they are dropping a superb album from They Hidden Character who's one of the hottest up and coming artists out of MA.


The album has 8 tracks produced by the Vinyl Villain, 1 by Mr. Rose and 1 by Al.divino! Featuring Estee Nack, Code Nine, 2 guest verses by Al.divino and more!




1 Milliondollarwhippins Feat. Nero El Necio
2 Northside
3 Family Feat. YL
4 2Grams4190 Feat. Al.divino
5 Productpotent
6 Watersoluble Feat. Estee Nack
7 Bullistics Feat. Starker
8 Hitstick Feat. Code Nine
9 Titlebetheinfamous
10 Thehiddencharacter Feat. Al.divino


Shipping Date: September 10th 2021.