Munk Wit Da Funk - Holly Hoodz Anthology, Vol. 1 LP

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HHE is proud to announce a collaboration with Munk Wit Da Funk, Illadelph Records and The Militant Mind State. We will be releasing a 3 Volume Anthology that will be released entirely in the upcoming months. The anthology will include all the classics, unreleased tracks, demos, original remixes, freestyles and rarities recorded between 1994 and 2000.


The first volume will be limited to 300 copies total in 3 versions.


100 copies on Azure Blue Opaque w/ Grey & Black Marbled Vinyl

100 copies on Grey Opaque w/ Blue & Black Marbled Vinyl

100 copies on Traditional Black Vinyl




Munk Wit Da Funk comes from the Hilltop area of West Philadelphia, also the home of the world famous Hilltop Hustlers C.E.B that consisted of Cool C, DJ Ultimate Eaze and Steady B. West Philly has produced a lot of hip-hop talent in the 80's and 90's and bred some of hip-hop music’s early pioneers such as Lawrence Goodman a.k.a. LG, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince and later on crews like Da Youngsta's just to name a few.


Munk has been a dedicated Hip-Hop MC for over 35 years with his first solo joint being released on Illadelph Records in 1995.
Munk has always worked towards the day when he can help repair the troubled world he so brilliantly depicts in his trademark flow.


Munk's local reputation grew quickly which led to collaborations with artists such as hit producer MG a.k.a. Mentally Gifted, Big Tab a.k.a. Jack Frost, Qur'an aka QBall of Da Youngsta's, Maylay Sparks, Chops of the Mountain Brothers, Stewey Nuke ’Em a.k.a. Emerge, DJ Debonair P,  Singing Melody, and many more.


Munk met his Illadelph Records family and partner MMS a.k.a. Militant Mind State in 1993. The Producer / Hip-Hop crew featured Knowmad a.k.a. Spread Love, Joe Will a.k.a. Mu-Stang  Gangtackles, J. Kenny aka M-Squared and Roy Earle. Munk and the Militant Mind State instantly found chemistry not only in music styles but in work ethic. Once unified they worked tirelessly in the lab to perfect their craft leading up to their first release in 1995 on both cassette tape and 12" vinyl, the single “Exersize / Shadows”.


It instantly turned out to be a huge underground hit and was played around the country on college radio and even internationally on underground stations. The local Philly radio station Power99  was where Munk shined locally, his records were played weekly on the Hip-Hop show “Radioactive” by resident Legendary DJ Cosmic Kev giving Munk huge notoriety locally.


Due to the worldwide distribution of the “Exersize” 12" Munk started getting attention across the pond as well even getting spins from legendary DJ Tim Westwood of the UK. This further led to a licensing deal with Jet Star Records in the UK for a repress of the “Exersize / Shadows” 12”.


After the response from the first 12" Illadelph Records and Munk immediately reinvested and released their next 2 singles. The first being Militant Mind State's "Bottom Line / Cute Loot" which featured Munk as well) with bonus track “N*#?@!!z Come Alive For 95' (It's On)”. The second, which was simultaneously released, was Munk Wit Da Funk's “I Blame My Neighborhood / Glamour, Fortune, And Fame” 12".


I Blame My Neighborhood" was an instant local hit and was even being played by DJ Eclipse on the Bobbito show at the time as well.
I Blame My Neighborhood" was the first ever hip-hop sampling of "I Like It" by DeBarge which many more copied later on.
With the worldwide distribution becoming bigger and stronger
one of Japan’s hottest DJ's took notice. DJ Kensei licensed “Glamour, Fortune, And Fame” for his "East Coasting Vol. 4" mixtape released on Avex records in back in 1996.


Locally Munk continued to shine above the rest as “I Blame My Neighborhood" was cemented in the top 10 R&B & Hip-Hop charts for months and also grabbing the top spot in the hip-hop countdown on the "Radioactive" show with DJ Cosmic Kev.


Munk and Illadelph Records continued to power through the music industry independently dropping the EP “I Been Here I'm Stayin” shortly followed by “I Been Here I'm Stayin' / I Blame My Neighborhood (Hill Top Remix)" 12".


While working on his own releases between 1996 and 1999
Munk took time to work with his squad “Militant Mind State” and the Illadelph Records supergroup "ONEWAY". These releases were played on Philly radio stations consistently by Cosmic Kev and The Legendary DJ JaySki. The first single "Don't Let It / 4 All Y'All" received considerable air play and was also in the mainstream rotation. 


Munk was then featured on "Illadelph Records Part 1 Volume 1” in 1998 which featured "Lyrikly" and "True Hip Hop", both tracks later also appeared on the CD version of the “Money” EP that year. "Money" was the first Illadelph 12" with a full color cover and featured DJ ran of "Power 99" and "Super Radio" and had production from MMS and Chops.


Munk followed that up with another 12", this time under the alias "Chaundon" which featured the "Family Business / Things Change" tracks. In 2000 the ONEWAY full album "Civic Minded" was released, which consisted of all the 12" singles and more. 




  1. Munk’s In Ya Trunk (Intro) - 1995
  2. Shadows - 1995
  3. I Blame My Neighborhood (EP Version) - 1995
  4. Exersize -1995
  5. I Been Here I’m Stayin - 1995
  6. Glamour, Fortune, and Fame - 1995
  7. Cute Loot Feat. Knowmad & The Militant Mind - 1995
  8. Life of Luxury - 1995
  9. School Daze (Previously Unreleased) - 1994
  10. Borough 2 Borough - 1997
  11. Street Soldiers - 1997
  12. On Da Luv Feat. Knowmad & The Militant Mind - 1996


Shipping Date: July 22nd, 2021