L*Roneous, 2bers ‎– Kill To Sing The Blues CD

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Bay Area representative L*Roneous originally comes from San Francisco, but has lived in Oakland for years now. L*Roneous is most famous for his classic debut album "Imaginarium" released back in 1998 which is now considered an underground classic. You might also know him from collaborations with such artists as Equipto, Opio, Mike Marshall, Otayo Dubb and White Mic among others. On this album L*Roneous hooked up with 2bers - an Albuquerque, NM duo made of Eph'Sharpe and BlesInfinite - to bring you their joint material titled "Kill To Sing The Blues".



1 KTSTB Intro
2 Subtleties
3 Work Boots
4 The Apex (Up & Down)
5 Muse Me Up
6 Kill To Sing The Blues
7 Catch A Breath
8 Sidewayz
9 Competition
10 Goner
11 Empty
12 Scarlett
14 Rubber Meets Glue
15 Lonely Nights
16 Confidence
17 Knocking On Heaven's Ear


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