Gank Move - Come Into My World CD

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SWE is back, this time with a Midwest classic from Detroit's Gank Move, their classic debut album originally dropped back in 1994. This one's for everyone digging that classic mid 90's Detroit sound with the typical chords and 808 used back then.


K.O. Kill and Young Bango started recording for their follow-up album in 1995 but only ended up recording "The Reckoning" and the "Come Into My World (King Penn Remix)" before they decided to move on. Now these tracks will be available for the first time ever as a bonus! 


The CD edition will be limited to 350 copies.




01 Trigga Man
02 Real Niggas & O.G's.
03 Be Alright
04 Come Into My World
05 Hustlers
06 1 False Move
07 Murderer
08 Fuck You
09 Suckers Can't Fade
10 For The Fiends
11 The Reckoning
12 Come Into My World (King Penn Remix)


Shipping Date: June 3rd, 2021