Shrlock - 90's Unreleased + All Comp / Slide Back 2xLP

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Shrlock AKA Shrlok Da Madman & his producer Chip Fab from Richmond, VA are in the house! B2DS joined forces to reissue their 12" Holy Grail from 1996 called All Comp / Slide Back with nothing less than SEVEN DOPE 90's unreleased tracks as a bonus all produced by Chip Fab and never heard before! Ill shit!


Full rap version of Slide Back & many other Gems included. The 12" tracks have been remastered, slighly different than the OG 12'' sound but trust me you wont be disappointed with the sound quality wait until you spin it. I'd say it even sounds better than the OG, but yo lets say different haha. We did our best to bring you that crazy high audio quality experience, with that analog Mastering (Big Dé as always), also comes with a Shrlok Da Madman Logo Insert.


Limited edition of only 300 copies on double vinyl!


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