Knoah Tha Sinna - The Album CD

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HHE is excited to bring you the full previously unreleased album of Park Hill, Staten Island emcee Knoah Tha Sinna! Knoah Tha Sinna is a name that will ring bells with some of you as back in 1998 legendary Swedish production duo Collén & Webb (known for their work on Bakers of the Holy Bread, Field N*igga Soup & Sherlock among many others) released the Mad Beef 12" on their own label. 


Knoah Tha Sinna instantly made an impression with his dope voice and skilled rhymestyle and left fans wanting more. Now finally in 2021 we can present you the fully mastered album, 17 tracks deep + 3 bonus alternate versions entirely produced by Collén & Web!


Guest appearances by Sherlock, Inspectah Deck, Pop Da Brown Hornet and Jamaica, Queens rapper Dirty Boogs (of the Madflowas)! Limited to only 350 copies, enjoy!




1 Coming For The Kill
2 Choose Your Weapon
3 Visions Of Crime Feat. Sherlock
4 Committing Sins
5 Trails & Tribulations
6 Daily Drama
7 Bless You Like Knoah
8 Take It To The Stage
9 Rap Wars Feat. Dirty Boogs
10 Invasion
11 103 04 (Killah Hills)
12 Murderous Type Slang Feat. Dirty Boogs, Inspectah Deck & Pop Da Brown Hornet
13 More Goals
14 Mad Beef
15 Trilogy Feat. Dirty Boogs & Star Da Sgt.
16 Back To 82´
17 MillionDollaNigga (MDN)

Bonus Tracks

18 Murderous Type Slang (Alternate Version) Feat. Dirty Boogs, Inspectah Deck & Pop Da Brown Hornet
19 Bless You Like Knoah (Alternate Version)
20 Visions Of Crime (Alternate Version) Feat. Sherlock


Shipping Date: May 21st, 2021