Soul King Productions ‎– Trace Ya Stepz CD


HHE is proud to announce the CD release of "Soul King Productions - Trace Ya Stepz"! This 1993 banger out of New Jersey was originally only released on cassette, which these days is a pretty hard find.


Entirely remastered by Justin Perkins, and as an extra we added on 2 bonus tracks! Limited to 350 copies!




1 Trace Ya Stepz            

2 Word To Ya Mutha    

3 Lovezs Runaway         

4 Mind Benda Go Off, Go Off  

5 I'm Feelin' It   

6 Hey Hey Hey  

7 Grab The Mic 

8 Guess Whooz Back "Intro"   

9 Guess Whooz Back    

10 Women On Ya Mindz

11 Catch Wreck (The -N-tertainer) (Bonus Track)

12 Catch Wreck  

13 Funky N.W.K. "Intro"

14 Kid From Newark       

15 Xtacsie

16 Street Life      

17 Kick A Verse

18 Trace Ya Stepz (Jeep Mix Beat Squad Jointe) (Bonus Track)


Shipping Date: May 21st, 2021