Shorty Long - South Boogie CD

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'South Boogie' compiles the 90s work of the underrated South Bronx MC Shorty Long, best know for his 1994 single 'Shorty'z Doin His Own Thang'. This release features 19 tracks (inc. 4 bonus instrumentals) highlighting Shorty's unique lyricism and top-notch rugged production from his DITC collaborators Showbiz, Buckwild, Lord Finesse, Mike Smooth and Ahmed.


Limited to 300 copies, the CD is essential for fans of DITC and mid-90s hip hop! The very last 10 copies from the label!!




1 Purple Rain
2 Ain't Nuthin' New Under The Sun
3 Say My Name
4 Be Alright
5 What's Criminal
6 South Boogie
7 Crime And Corruption
8 Do Your Thang (Interlude)
9 Shorty'z Doin' His Own Thang
10 My Peoplez
11 You Know It's Good Baby
12 Let's Get At It
13 Bronx Whop
14 Why You Wanna
15 Outro
16 Ain't Nuthing New Under the Sun (Instrumental)
17 Be Alright (Instrumental)
18 Say My Name (Instrumental)
19 Purple Rain (Instrumental)


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