44 Clique - Mind Of A 44 2xLP

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In 1995, Mack Dangerous, E-Real, 9 Milla and Leo Okeke dropped one of the dopest 90's rap album ever made. 25 years later this classic is finally available on wax! Limited to only 150 copies!




A1 Locked Up Tied Down
A2 Year Of Tha Jackah
A3 Giant Size Nigga
B1 Nina-Ace-Eighta-Skate
B2 Risen Out Tha Ghetto
B3 We Comin Off
C1 This Is 4 You
C2 Clique Life
C3 Mind Of A 44
D1 Mo' 44 Shit
D2 Nuthin But Murda
D3 Don't Fuck Wit Dat 44
D4 Cappeela