U.D.I. ‎– Drinks On Us 2xLP

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Drinks On Us is the 2nd Album by the Frisco duo U.D.I. (Digg & Bigg Quint). In 2020 NorthCyde Vinyl reissuee this timeless Bay Area classic, originally released in 1998, fresh and remastered on double wax. I'll Drink To That!




A1 Mobb Wit' Me
A2 Push The Roof
A3 Drinks On Us (featuring Tambora)
A4 I'll Drink To That


B1 Baby By The Wrong Bitch (featuring TayDaTay of 11/5 & Raw Faw of Pho Balo)
B2 Where's My Drink?
B3 Business Neva Personal
B4 Biggest To Da Smallest (featuring Lil' Daddy & Lil' Rell)


C1 Golden State Soldiers
C2 Real Niggaz (featuring Pho Balo)
C3 Waiting To Inhale (featuring Mark C)
C4 Trunk Knocking Music (featuring Hennessy of 11/5)


D1 Keep Ya Head To The Sky (featuring Kwanza)
D2 Spend Wit' My Crew (featuring Cloud 9)
D3 U.D.I. Til' I Die
D4 Laidblack "Ghetto Dreams" (featuring Charles Baxter)