Pseudo Intellectuals - The EP Before the Uprising [2001-2003] CD

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Wow - years before the first Pseudo's release, we have this spectacular album [or is it an EP?] by the boys from Buffalo, NY. Recorded 2001-2003 this is 100%, pure Pseudo-sound from the early days. Sunday vibes, piano loops, smart-ass/tuned-in lyrics - this one has everything for the headz . Never been released or leaked before, this was set to be on Buffalo label Deepthinka Recs, but it never happened. So Herring is here, over 20 years later, to sponge up that Pseudo-juice and wring the sweet nectar into a black piece of limited vinyl, adorned in the typical Herring 'unreleased-style' sticker cover. If you are a Pseudohead this one will seamlessly join the dots from 2001 until now. Perfection on wax. Enjoy!!!


Limited to 300 copies only!




1 Intro
2 E Before U
3 At Large
4 Playing God, Too
5 Voiceless Emcees
6 Sunchasers
7 Interlude
8 Keep Digging Watson
9 Mike Cutler's Punch Out
10 Pseudomatic
11 Xplorations
12 Today or Tomorrow


All songs written by Nick Zero, Tone @ and DJ Cutler.
Tracks 6 and 11 feature Pseudo Slang.
All beats by Tone @ (except the beat for track 4 is by T1X).
All scratches by DJ Cutler.
Recorded and mixed by T1X for Deepthinka Records.


Shipping Date: Mid May, 2024