Native Nuttz - The Nativez Are Restless 2xLP


The Atlanta, GA outfit Native Nuttz consisted of 2 members, Leemil Edmond aka Dureya and Joseph Davis aka Joey Jo who first met and connected at Osborne High School in Smyrna, GA.


They first came out with the 12” "Skin Flower / 40 Oz. Of Funk" back in 1994 on local Stone Mountain, GA label Down Payment Records. Later that year they followed that up with their full album "The Nativez Are Restless" which was entirely produced by Aldrin Davis aka DJ Toomp who later went on to produce for a lot of high profile artists.


The album was released on CD & Tape only, and went on to become a heavy priced boom bap grail relentlessly searched for by collectors. According to one of their friends Maestro Lungs, a second album has been recorded in 1997 and the production was done by the unofficial third member Mr. Piper who also appeared on the track "Rock Rock On" from the first album.


They didn't really split after that. They made music with a group called Bad Blood but everything ended for Dureya on October 2010 when he got locked up.


Last year MWR provided you with a CD reissue already and now for the first time ever a vinyl edition is available of this superb classic!


Available variants:


- 200 x Black Vinyl
- 75 x Marble Vinyl
- 75 x Yellow Splatter Vinyl
- 75 x Transparent Splatter Vinyl
- 5x Test Press




A1. Rock Rock On
A2. 40 Oz.
A3. Interlude
A4. Skinflower


B1. Pazz Tha Puddin'
B2. Fruit N Slide
B3. All N Da Splendor


C1. Native Luzt
C2. Give A (Shout)
C3. Pissin' On Tha Wallz Of Damnation


D1. Erect From Tha Slumz
D2. 40 Oz. (Original)
D3. Outro


Shipping Date: Mid May, 2024