Cilvaringz - I 2xLP

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Cilvaringz' official debut album finally on vinyl and limited to only 1000 copies on Yellow Marbled w/ Black color vinyl.


The tracklist differs from the original CD edition and here's what Cilvaringz himself had to say:


"Sheherezad and Death To America have been taken off, and in their place are the final versions of Energy, You'll Never Know, the original unreleased versions of The Stone, The Gun & The Book, Razasharp and The Saga Begins with a hook from RZA. The Caravanserai skits are a bit different with different production from Mathematics, there's a new skit with Ninja Starz on it, and a previously unreleased version of Man, Woman & Child as bonus."




1. Poison ring chamber

2. Wu-Tang martial expert

3. The weeping tiger

4. You'll never know

5. Energy

6. In the name of Allah

7. Jewels

8. The stone, the gun & the book

9. Brothers aint brothers

10. Blazing saddles

11. Caravanserai - chapter I

12. Damascus caravanserai - chapter II

13. Dart tournament

14. The saga

15. 36 chambers radio/ninja starz

16. Forever Michael

17. Elephant juice

18. Deaf. dumb & blind razasharp

19. Warriors & poets

20. Valentine day massacre

21. Poison ring chamber

22. Man, woman & child