Goya Gumbani - When The Past Bloomed LP


WHEN THE PAST BLOOMED is the latest offering from GOYA GUMBANI. Born in Brooklyn and currently living and making music in South London, over the last 3 years Goya has built a reputation as a soulful lyricist who blends jazz, soul and hip-hop into a modern inclusive fusion ripe with personality and heartfelt emotion.

The seven track project introduces us to a more expansive side of Gumbani’s craft with a considerable shift in tone and a freshness in perspective. An aural journeying across different lands via disparate voices re-establishes Goya’s attachment to London, New York and Guyana, respectively. Lessons, blessings and loss line the verses, ‘freedoms when the doves fly over the dew’ capturing a candidness in his delivery and shedding that has been hinted at on past projects.

Goya enjoys support from an array of skilled musicians in his orbit including PINK SIIFU, JOHN GLACIER, LEX AMOR and LORD APEX production comes from AUGUST FANON, OMARI LYSEIGHT and PABLO PULLEN among others. All the instrumentals on the EP bounce with a comfortable cadence and assured skill.

The cover is an original composition by ELIJAH MAURA and depicts tender relationships and the affirmation they provide.

WHEN THE PASSED BLOOMED is accompanied by two singles both with videos directed by IVOR ALICE and art direction by Goya himself.

CLOTH & POLISH was released in May and has been supported by radio and built a loyal following that appreciate the refined aesthetic Goya has created.

The next single and video BYE BYE BYE transports us to a scene that wouldn’t feel out of place in London or New York; where friends and acquaintances gather to converse, to reason and to barter over winnings during a game of penny up. With its striking colours and playful framing, the video captures networks of connection within the tones of a warm Summer evening, its subjects in a reflective and celebratory mood.The song itself sees Gumbani trade verses alongside UK artists THE HOTEL and LORD APEX, with foggy production from psi.i.



A1. How You Feel (feat. Lex Amor)
A2. Till The
A3. Demon Time (feat. John Glacier)
A4. Cloth & Polish

B1. 23rd
B2. Bye Bye Bye (feat. The Hotel, Lord Apex)
B3. Hardaway (feat. Pink Siifu)