Bachir Presents The Bomb Squad ‎– The Only Mixtape CD

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1 Bachir /Intro

2 Ice Cube /What They Hittin' Foe ?

3 Run DMC /Oooh Watcha Gonna Do

4 Public Enemy /Rebel Without A Pause

5 3rd Bass /Steppin To The AM

6 Public Enemy /Brothers Gonna Work It Out

7 K9 Posse /It Get's No Deeper

8 Leaders Of The New School /Sobb Story

9 Slick Rick /Kit (What's The Scoop)

10 Robert S /Big Words

11 Public Enemy /Night Of The Living Baseheads

12 True Mathematics /Kaoss

13 Public Enemy /Fight The Power

14 Kings Of Pressure /Brains Unchained

15 Terminator X Feat. Chuck D And Sister Souljah /Buck-Whylin'

16 LL Cool J /It Gets No Rougher

17 Nikki D /Wasted

18 7A3 /Coolin In Cali

19 Ice Cube /AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted

20 Son Of Bazerk / The Band Gets Swivey On The Wheels

21 Juvenile Committee /Juvenile Rules

22 Eric B & Rakim /Know The Ledge

23 Public Enemy /Caught, Can We Get A Witness?