Sore Loserz - Flip Da Script - The 90's Demos EP

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This one blew my goddam socks off when I heard it. I hit up Rich who I'd been trying to make connect with for years and he sent me this project by a group called Sore Loserz who never released a thing back in the day. Sore Loserz were So Divine - DJ/Producer and Skee The Y-Know [pronounced “wino”] the MC. The project was produced by the ERBS [later renamed DBC Elements Inc.] which comprised of Rich Blak, Chocolate Tye and So Devine.


One of my favourite Herring unknowns, this 6 tracker has the feel of a Bushwick project, with Finsta Bundy & Poetikal Thugz on background vocals and production kind of on an Arsonists tip [IMO]. Just a stunning never leaked, never heard before project from 1994. Heads are gonna love it!!!!


Just 300 copies on black wax only in a traditional CH stickered sleeve.




A1 Flip Da Script (Loose in Brooklyn)
A2 Endless Flow
A3 So Is My Music


B1 Bring Em Up Dead
B2 Flip Da Script (Loose in Brooklyn) [Remix]
B3 Mr Setback


Sore Loserz are So Divine and Skee The Y-Know [R.I.P.].
All tracks recorded 1994 and written by R.Nurse, G.West & S. West.
All tracks produced by Rich Blak & So Divine for DBC Elements Inc. except B2 produced by Chocolate Tye.
Background vocals Finsta Bundy & Poetikal Thugz.