Wino Willy - Wino From Another Planet LP


Eclectic Edison, New Jersey-born, Philadelphia-raised producer Wino Willy will release his anticipated latest album, Wino From Another Planet on November 29, 2023. This expansive, conceptual project is centered around the story of The Wino (Wino Willy), an escaped producer on the run from his home planet. Reflecting the theme with its astral, psychedelic instrumentation and futuristic sound palette, Wino From Another Planet is a potent dose of forward-thinking boom-bap that further proves Wino Willy’s place among the echelon of today’s most creative underground hip-hop producers. Chock full of boundless, spacey sounds laced with Afro-futuristic influences, Wino From Another Planet refuses to be placed in a box from the get-go. Taking the listener on a vibrant head-trip through time and space, the album finds the perfect median between atmospheric, ethereal sonics and grimy boom-bap aesthetics.


A testament to Wino Willy’s diversity and focus on the boards, Wino From Another Planet includes such highlights as the kaleidoscopic “Fresh Cut Flowers” with Armand Hammer’s billy woods featuring MarQ Spekt, which presents a colorful spectrum of sonics and imagery. “Slim Chance”, with Daniel Son and WRED featuring cuts by Giallo Point, distills the layered surrealism present throughout the record, with celestial samples drifting atop a booming rhythm section. “The 364 Train To Babylon Is Running Late”, with Fatboi Sharif, adds to the album’s already versatile soundscape with an eerie, ambient-laced instrumental enhanced by the ominous flows of Sharif. 


Wino From Another Planet is a mind-expanding record that puts Willy’s eclectic, progressive boom-bap sound at the forefront, featuring standout names like billy woods of Armand Hammer, Fatboi Sharif, Daniel Son, Da Buze Bruvaz, Gabe ‘Nandez, and more. Set to be one of the most creative, engaging underground hip-hop releases of the year, the record’s 16 tracks take the listener on a surreal ride soundtracked by Willy’s space-age sampling and dusty, hypnotic percussion.


Black vinyl edition limited to only 150 copies!