Ray Luv - Forever Hustlin' 2xLP

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Vinyl reissue of the 1995 Bay Area G-Funk album produced by Khayree, Young Black Brotha. Ray Luv is a well known Bay Area veteran out of Santa Rosa, CA, who formed the group "Strictly Dope" with 2Pac in the late 80s. Following his EP "Who Can Be Trusted?" in 1992, "Forever Hustlin" was his debut album dropping 1995. Both albums were released under the independent label Young Black Brotha Records. The music video for the track "Last Nite" was directed by his friend 2Pac. Comes with an inner sheet and Ray Luv poster (60cm x 30cm). Including bonus track "The Hunted".


Limited to only 250 copies on colored vinyl (courtesy of NorthCyde Vinyl) and 250 copies on black vinyl (courtesy of Smoke On Records)!


Note: Item does not come sealed but in a protective sleeve.




Side A
01. Intro
02. Forever Hustlin‘
03. Tha Factor
04. Bubble
05. In The Game


Side B
01. Keep Ya Mask On
02. I’d Rather Be A Pimp
03. Definition Of Ah Hustla
04. We Do This Everyday
05. Ride With The Luvva Man


Side C
01. 24k
02. What U In It 4
03. Still Smokin‘ Indo
04. Stormy Weather


Side D
01. Luv From Ah „G“
02. Last Nite
03. Cage Bird
04. The Hunted (Bonus Track)


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