Wugazi – 13 Chambers LP

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The iconic mash-up album available on vinyl for the first time. Limited to 400 black, and 100 yellow hand-numbered copies with hand-stamped labels. "With their Wugazi mash-up project, Midwestern producers Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy pay sharp tribute to two iconic acts, punk titans Fugazi and hip-hop superheroes the Wu-Tang Clan. While Fugazi’s staunch separation from the traditional music machine discourages use of their music as mash-up fodder, these 13 songs were created with striking precision." - Rolling Stone Magazine


Only a few yellow copies available!




A1 Sleep Rules Everything Around Me 3:19
A2 Suicide Surprise 3:54
A3 Another Chessboxin' Argument 3:36
A4 Ghetto Afterthought 3:22
A5 Sweet Release 3:08
A6 Shame On Blue 4:08


B1 Slow Like That 4:02
B2 Floating Labels 2:31
B3 P.L.O. Squared 2:47
B4 Nowhere To Wait 3:11
B5 Last Chance For The Clientele Kid 3:33
B6 Killa Hill 3:09
B7 Forensic Shimmy 2:51