Cuicide - Final Exit LP

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Cuicide dropped his first album "Final Exit" in 1995 (artwork printed in Dec 1994). It was originally released on tape in a very limited quantity.


This masterpiece is now available for the first time on vinyl (Double LP), remastered by Jee Van Cleef Mastering!




A1. Intro
A2. Final Exit
A3. Not Knowin To Act
A4. Cuicide's Sick


B1. A Nigga Got It Bad
B2. From The Heart
B3. Mind Of A Lunatic
B4. This Shit Is Real


C1. Mental Case
C2. Get Faded
C3. Villain On Hitchike
C4. Bang Get It Over With


D1. Commin Out The Cut
D2. Still Flowin'
D3. Outro


Shipping Date: September 29th, 2023