Def Jam Blaster - The Lost & Found (1987-1993) CD


After the amazing NoDōz album we dropped last year, we hooked up with Def Jam Blaster once again to bring you more rare & unreleased heat! We have compiled no less than 19 tracks from the vaults of Def Jam Blaster. All tracks were transferred from the original master tapes and were recorded between 1987 and 1993. 


We have Private Identity (3-2 & Def Jam Blaster), NoDōz, Big Mike, Infinity, Black B. Nimbl, Kerijames, D. Latroi and Billy Dee M.C. all spitting on this historical piece of Houston, TX hip-hop.


Once again you will be treated with a Werner Von Wallenrod interview with Def Jam Blaster about him opening up the vaults and dropping knowledge about this project. The booklet contains no less than 12 pages and besides the interview it will also include additional photos from the contributing artists and a track by track commentary by Def Jam Blaster filling in the blanks for us.


All music has been remastered by Jee Van Cleef and the artwork was handled by LDL. The CD will be limited to only 250 copies!




1. Def Jam Blaster – Blaster Halloween Intro
2. Private Identity (3-2 & Def Jam Blaster) – Look At Me Now
3. Private Identity (3-2 & Def Jam Blaster) – Mackin’
4. Private Identity (3-2 & Def Jam Blaster) – Watch Your Back
5. Private Identity (3-2 & Def Jam Blaster) – Massive Murda
6. Private Identity (3-2 & Def Jam Blaster) – Straight From The County
7. NoDōz – Chill Will Promo
8. Big Mike – Once Upon A Time
9. Big Mike – Don’t Let The Smooth Taste Fool You
10. Infinity – Cruisin’
11. NoDōz – Jimmy Olson Promo (Version 2)
12. Black B. Nimbl – Peace Flow
13. Kerijames – All Alone
14. Kerijames – Who’s Got The Skinny (Version 2)
15. D. Latroi & Kerijames – Even Exchange
16. NoDōz – Smokin’ Tony Promo
17. Billy Dee M.C. – Bad To The Bone
18. Billy Dee M.C. – I’m At The Show
19. NoDōz – Majic 102 BMW Promo


Shipping Date: September 11th, 2023