Dooley O & Double K - The Double O EP (PRE-ORDER)


The underground Hip Hop world was left reeling from the passing of People Under The Stairs' Double K in January 2021.


Back in 2007-8 he was working on a sick project with our man in New Haven, CT, Dooley O. A couple tracks from the sessions had been leaked on the net but the majority haven't been heard before.


What we have hear are 5 joints from the collabo as well as 2 insts and an acapella for the DJs to play with. Production is fantastic and we have been blessed with a modern day anthem, entitled simply "Hip Hop" - a joint which laments the current state of the artform, something which most heads can relate too. Not to say that hip hop isn't alive and well, as we know it is - well, at least alive - but Dooley & Double K are heard laughing at and pointing to the joke that the culture has become, asking us "what happened" to the form. "It must be the music that's turning me off, be sounding so Tinkerbell, extra soft" - yup we hear you fellas!!!




A1 Don't Start None Feat. Jay Sonic, Tha Beloved Two B & Comel
A2 Wait Your Turn Feat. Comel
A3 Hip Hop
A4 Hip Hop (Instrumental)


B1 Ego Trippin
B2 Who's Real
B3 Who's Real (Acapella)
B4 Wait Your Turn (Instrumental)


Shipping Date: September 29th, 2023