Mr. 3-2 - Organized Crhyme CD

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Recorded in 1997, this project has finally been released by Dirty Hood Records!




1. Mafia Convention (Intro)
2. Get Crunk Feat. P.O.P. (of Redrum)
3. Survivin The Ghetto
4. Paper Feat. PSK-13
5. Organized Chryme
6. Butt-Naked Fantasy Feat. Ganksta NIP
7. Couple Faces Feat. Freaknasty
8. Death Before Dishonor Feat. E-Roc (of 5th Ward Boyz)
9. Man Of My World
10. Bleed Da Block Feat. Cheefo
11. This Is For The Ballerz
12. 100 Miles Per Hour
13. Big Dreamz
14. Problemz Feat. Storm (of Blac Monks)
15. World Wide III Feat. Lo Life (of 5th Ward Boyz)
16. Move Around
17. They Thought I Lost It
18. Who Can I Trust? Feat. Korleone


Shipping Date: July 31st, 2023