Skyzoo, The Other Guys – The Mind Of A Saint LP

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Rapper-songwriter Skyzoo, from Brooklyn, has been making critically acclaimed and underground hip-hop since the mid-2000. Linking up with The Other Guys, a production duo from relatively neighbouring Washington, D.C., they proudly present 'The Mind of a Saint' their collaborative concept album, inspired by the FX series Snowfall, which depicts the rise of the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles in the 1980s. Of course, real historians will know just how shady the origins of said 'epidemic' were. The album is narrated from the perspective of Franklin Saint, the main character of the show, who is a young drug dealer and entrepreneur. The hidden conflicts of street hustling is effortlessly portrayed on this curt mediation on mercy, redemption, life and grit.




A1 Eminent Domain 3:56
A2 Views From The Valley 3:24
A3 Panther & Powder 3:37
A4 Straight Drop 4:34
A5 100 to ONE 6:12


B1 Bodies! 3:24
B2 The Balancing Act 4:57
B3 Brick by Brick 4:01
B4 Apologies In Order 3:46
B5 Purity 6:33