Att Will – Do It Att Will CD

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Willard Hughes (March 22, 1971 - October 5th 2017) aka Att Will was a Gangsta Rapper from Compton, CA. He was also affiliated with the Neighborhood Compton Crips, a local street gang.


He began rapping in the early 90's and recorded a few songs before his debut album in 1993 ("Where There's a Will, There's A Way", "Party's On", Nose Trouble", "Lock Up"...). He was also featured on 2 songs of Tweedy Bird Loc's first album, "187 Drive By", released in 1992, with the other members of his first group, Underground Connection.


In 1993, soon after the release of the single "Just Another Day In Compton", Att Will released his debut album, "Do It Att Will", on Big City Records. It is considered a classic by many and now SouthWest Enterprise is proud to announce the album's reissue on CD!


Limited to only 250 copies!




1. The Gate
2. Shoot 'Em Dead
3. Just Another Day In Compton
4. Gettin' High
5. Wreck 'Em
6. Nurse Bitch
7. Make A Bitch
8. Hoe Hopper
9. Show 'Em How It's Done
10. Be On Your Way
11. Lick 'Em Good Lucy Show
12. Do It Att Will
13. Time Is Thru
14. Ghetto Nightmare
15. The Junkyard
16. Outro


Shipping Date: Mid June, 2023