Ganksta C – Stepchild LP


Taha Records and JTLM Records (gathered under the entity SCMD Records) are pleased to present you the new release of Ganksta C’s “Stepchild” on limited edition 12″ vinyl.


Ganksta C is a gangsta rap artist from Dallas, Texas, and younger brother of D-Town legend Ron C. He wrote his first rap and started makin’ beats in 1987. He first appeared on the song “Texas” of a single of UGK released in 1992 & entitled “Use Me Up”, alongside Ron C & DJ Bird. One year later, Ganksta C released a tape called “Str8 Husla”.Ganksta C was then signed by Profile Records & dropped in 1995 the album “Stepchild”.






1 Just Anotha Day 4:49
2 3 Wheel Motion 4:53
3 Life Of A Thug 3:23
4 Murda Spree 7:01
5 Dank Got Me Skitsin' 3:50
6 Intro 1:14
7 They Call Me A Murderer 4:02
8 Stepchild 4:26
9 Big Balls 4:22
10 A Nigga That's Crazy 4:01
11 Fuck America 3:36