Maxo - Smile LP


Step into a world where authenticity meets emotional resonance with Maxo's 2018 album, "Smile," produced by the mastermind Lastnamedavid. This release marks the genesis of a new era, a departure from prevailing trends, and an introduction to the genuine artistry of Maxo.

"Smile" is a testament to Maxo's effortless storytelling and emotional delivery, setting a refreshing tone in the contemporary music landscape. Lastnamedavid's soulful production serves as the perfect backdrop, creating a sound that is as real as the content it supports. The album captures a range of emotions, painting a vivid picture of Maxo's journey through the realms of honesty, youthfulness, troubles, and hope.

From the reflective "Same Hoodie Since ‘05," a sobering exploration of identity and roots, to the anti-romantic ballad "Evelyn," Maxo invites listeners to join him on a personal and introspective journey. "Smile" serves as a reminder, not just to Maxo but to an entire generation, to appreciate every situation, irrespective of the circumstances.

The project features a notable collaboration with Sharp, adding an extra layer of depth to the already rich tapestry of "Smile." As Maxo unfolds his narrative, the synergy between his lyrical prowess and Lastnamedavid's production creates a sound that is not just music but an authentic expression of self.

"Smile" is more than an album; it's a sonic exploration of the human experience, capturing the essence of Maxo's voice and vision. In a world of fleeting trends, Maxo and Lastnamedavid deliver a timeless record that resonates with honesty, making "Smile" a standout release in the musical landscape of 2018.



A1. On Me
A2. Same Hoodie Since '05
A3. AppleTree (feat. Sharp)
A4. Gold Man

B1. Nickel To A Dime
B2. Phone In Ya Bossom
B3. His & Hers
B4. Evelyn