Ransom x V Don - Chaos Is My Ladder Cassette


Ransom and V Don connect on their highly anticipated collaborative album, "Chaos Is My Ladder", and just as expected, Jersey City's emcee technical bars perfectly fit V Don's cinematic soundscape. Alongside guest appearances by Lloyd Banks, 38 Spesh, Eto, J. Arrr, Mad Squablz and Crystal Caines, the two have crafted a perfect record for their already incredible catalogues, with Ransom coming on the heels of "This Life Made Me" and his "No Rest For The Wicked", and V Don’s most recent collaboration "Deutsche Marks 3" with Willie The Kid.


"Chaos Is My Ladder" is also available on standard black vinyl, digipack CD and cassette.




A1. Hit List (feat. 38 Spesh)
A2. All In (feat. Eto)
A3. Blissful Agony (feat. J. Arrr, Mad Squablz)
A4. Lone Wolf
A5. Calm Before The Storm
A6. A Most Dreadful Symphony (feat. Crystal Caines)


B1. Toxic Love
B2. Burning Bridges
B3. Chaotic Ceremony
B4. Short Notice (feat. Lloyd Banks)
B5. Late Nights Early Mournings