4 Tray Block & Da Drifta - Up In Tha Pocket LP


Sacramento, CA Banger by Nico 43rd & Da Drifta from Unknown Records. Originally released in 1995 on Tape only. Another underground classic and hidden gem from the West Coast.


Limited to only 200 copies (100 black / 100 clear yellow) total! 




A1. Valley Of The Smoking Gats
A2. Cowards Don't Live Long
A3. Drunk With A Playa [ft. tund'e]
A4. Sactown Hog
A5. Did I Get A Page (Commercial)
A6. Sacramento Nights


B1. Up In Tha Pocket
B2. Genocidal City
B3. Livin' Low
B4. Real [wit tha rile'z]
B5. Nico's Voice Mail (Commercial)
B6. High Mission