Raw II Survive - West Syde G'z CD

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For our third collaboration with Untouchable Records we have decided to reissue this classic which was originally released in 1994 on tape in a very limited quantity.


Remastered by Jee Van Cleef Mastering, the album is now available on CD!


Artwork revised by Première Graphix




1. Blood, Sweat N´ Tears
2. Crippin N´ Da Darkness
3. West Syde Gz
4. Encounta With A Killa
5. Roll Dat Thing
6. Don´t Value Your Life
7. Rock-A-Bye Bitch
8. Let It Be Known
9. Cu Cu
10. Don´t Make It A Murda
11. U Can Run Mutha Fucka
12. Raw II Survive
13. For Da Bitches
14. Nigga Trippin´


Shipping Date: February 20th, 2023