A-Plus & The Architect - BLVCK SWITZERLVND CD

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"BLVCK SWITZERLAND" was the third collaborative release of 2020 between A-Plus and The Architect. Souls of Mischief / Hieroglyphics legend A-Plus lays his poetically driven narrative over another barrage of Architect bangers. "BLVCK SWITZERLVND" shows the evolving nature of the artistry these two master craftsmen create together. Nothing but dope Hip-Hop! Features include Ras Kass, Planet Asia and Tajai!


HHE has teamed up with The Architect to do a one-time limited pro press for the CD headz. Limited to only 125 copies and that's it!


Check out the entire album below!


BLVCK SWITZERLVND | A-Plus & The Architect | A-Plus (bandcamp.com)




1. Blvck Switzerland 01:48
2. Mail Order Slaves 02:55
3. Zero Lease 02:49
4. Contrarion 02:38
5. Salty Beginnions Feat. Ras Kass 03:13
6. Sam Sharp Feat. Notic 03:07
7. I Need Guns 01:37
8. Stupid Kids Feat. 2Krazi 02:45
9. Cleopatra Feat. Planet Asia 03:18
10. Ghost Spotters Feat. Tajai 02:03
11. Adam Raising Cain 02:28
12. Desiderata 03:03
13. The Blvck Swiss 01:34


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