Virtuoso – World War One: The Voice Of Reason 2xLP

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The 2001 debut Album by Virtuoso "World War One: The Voice Of Reason" repressed by GoonsGear and limited to only 100 Yellow Marbled and 100 Green Splattered copies with the original artwork by Brian Life!


This dope Album features Jedi Mind Tricks, Casual, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Reks, Esoteric of Czarface, Mr. Lif, Jaz-O and more.




Side A:
1. I’m Virtuoso
2. Beatdown Feat. T-Ruckus & Jedi Mind Tricks
3. Guaranteed
4. All We Know Feat. Deltron 3030 & Casual
Side B:
1. One
2. Interlude
3. Slicin’ Your Wrists
4. Provoke Me Feat. Reks
Side C:
1. Keep The Time
2. Show Respect
3. Onion’s Belt Feat. Esoteric & Mr Lif
4. Omnipotence
Side D:
1. Smash Ta Piece Theater
2. What We Live Feat. Jaz-O
3. Incinerator
4. Remember