Hus Kingpin & M.W.P. - Bolio EPetersen LP


Some new heat from frequent HHE collaborator M.W.P. with Hus Kingpin! Check what M.W.P. has to say about this project...


“This Remix Album is an ode to Hus Kingpin and some of the work we have done over the years…


I linked up with Wavo about 8 years ago. SmooVth and him had heard some of my tracks on Soundcloud of all places, and wrote me regarding my music. I was quickly captivated by their style and demeanor, so it was a no brainer for me to start working with the two.


The first record I did with Hus was a Remix track of “Time Is Runnin’ Out” which was the opening track on my “New Horizon” album featuring Guilty Simpson. His verse totally blew me away, and from that day forward he became one of my favorite emcees and still is to this day.


From that point on we’ve done quite a bit of work together. Both for his projects and my own. So it was only right that I gave this album of his the M.W.P. treatment. I will forever feel blessed that he helped me gain some momentum in the game and I feel privileged to have worked with such a talented artist as him.


Hopefully this will not be the last you hear from M.W.P. and Hus Kingpin, but for now enjoy my interpretation of Bolio: Reze Pelo Rio.”


Green vinyl will limited to only 100 copies and black vinyl to 150 copies so don't sleep!




A1 Welcome To Brazil (M.W.P. Remix)
A2 Justice For Jaca (M.W.P. Remix)
A3 Rio State Of Mind (M.W.P. Remix)
A4 Adriano (M.W.P. Remix)
A5 Lemgruber (M.W.P. Remix)
A6 Bolio Theme (M.W.P. Remix)
A7 Mab's (M.W.P. Remix)
A8 Traficante Wars (M.W.P. Remix)
A9 +55 (M.W.P. Remix)


B1 Welcome To Brazil (M.W.P. Instrumental)
B2 Justice For Jaca (M.W.P. Instrumental)
B3 Rio State Of Mind (M.W.P. Instrumental)
B4 Adriano (M.W.P. Instrumental)
B5 Lemgruber (M.W.P. Instrumental)
B6 Bolio Theme (M.W.P. Instrumental)
B7 Mab's (M.W.P. Instrumental)
B8 Traficante Wars (M.W.P. Instrumental)
B9 +55 (M.W.P. Instrumental)


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