Baby Chill – Wake Up Call 2xLP


"Wake Up Call" was produced by the late, great Tony D and recorded between 1991 and 1993. It was slated for a 1993 release date and originally the album was going to be called "Black Sperm" and the group name was supposed to be "Baby Chill and the Secret Squirrels". 


New Jersey's Baby Chill was a member of The Funk Family and Blaque Spurm who released the Spurmicidal Tendencies LP (repressed in 2008) and he also appeared on "Good Morning Vietnam" by the Central Jersey Allstars.


My man PQuest dropped the CD some years ago and it was time for a vinyl issue of this dope boom bap headnodder. Shoutout to my fam Taha / JTLM Records for dropping this one! R.I.P. to Tony D and Baby Chill and a big shoutout to Bobby Fyne for making sure this music will last for the ages.




1 Wake Up Call 2:29
2 Ducks Fly South 4:17
3 Jersey To Jupiter 4:09
4 Black Sperm 3:40
5 Forecast Is Rain 4:50
6 The Graveyard 4:19
7 Thursday Night Live 1991 Freestyle (WPRB Raw Deal Radio Show) 1:17
8 Who's The Man 3:11
9 Six O' Clock Sunrise 3:19
10 Tear Drops 5:06
11 I'm On Your Dick 4:10
12 Thursday Night Live 1992 Freestyle (WPRB Raw Deal Radio Show) 1:13
13 I Pimped The Nun 3:49
14 Pass The Sugar Daddy 3:59
15 Peep The Pimps 4:41
16 Good Morning Vietnam (Posse Cut) 5:21
17 Nut Junkie (Unreleased Bonus) 3:37