Mr. Ripley x Shar The Analog Bastard ‎– Dirty Boxing CD


Mr Ripley was born and raised in central New Jersey on the shore in a small town called Red Bank. He fell in love with hip hop since the start. But in 86 when he heard Rakim he knew this is what he wanted to do. So he told his mom and she brought him turn tables and a mixer for his 12th bday. It was non stop since then!!! In 1990 he started hanging out at a local studio with a few friends and began working on demo tapes. They linked up with Naji and Izniz and Rip’s cousin Huggy Bear who were already doing their thing as the Soul Patrol and Ghettolandz and they formed a group called The Madness [which you may have heard of!!]. They started doing shows and getting play on local radio shows andy released the infamous Ray’s of the Sun project and then split up soon after. But he never stopped making music.


This project came about from Rip & Shar the Analog Bastard connecting online from a mutual love for 90s hip hop. His beats are exactly what Rip was listening to growing up in the 90s. The collaboration was a natural one and we have here is the superb ‘Dirty Boxing’ album. Peep it yo!!!




1. Sho Nuff
2. Crown holder
3. 93 Octane Ft. Illah Dutch, Eclyse, and Kin Cee
4. Survivor Scrolls
5. Vacuum Tubes
6. Target Practice Ft. Lord Sin and Rodimus P
7. Take ur time
8. Supreme Talk Ft. Zulu#7
9. This Musick
10. They watching
11. Catacombs Ft. Mic Mountain, Vegas Posada, and M.R. Senti
12. My Turn Ft. Bank Boy Billz


All beats produced By Shar The Analog Bastard