Reef The Lost Cauze, Snowgoons – Your Favorite MC 2xLP (OBI ED)

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For the 10 year anniversary Snowgoons reissued the Reef & Snowgoons album “Your Favorite MC” in 2 colorways on double vinyl. There are 80 units each of the “Bird Flu” and “Fried Egg” colorway, and 15 boxcutter OBI editions of each.


What we have right here are 2 of the only 15 handnumbered “Fried Egg” OBI editions in existance (right one on the pic to be clear)!




Side A:


  1. Brotherhood
  2. Fuck Rappers
  3. Euthanasia Feat. Sicknature
  4. Timezones Feat. Outerspace


Side B:


  1. Kill Somebody
  2. Boxcutter Samurai Feat. DJ CaliphNow
  3. Black Opz
  4. Brain On Drugs Feat. Esoteric


Side C:


  1. High By Myself
  2. Devil’s Advocate
  3. The Legend Of Mr. T
  4. Mount Up Feat. Sabac Red & Wise Intelligent


Side D:


  1. Big Shots Feat. J.O, King Magnetic & DJ Crypt
  2. 100 Rhyme Books
  3. Fuck Rappers Remix Feat. Slaine & F.T.