Tommy Black - The Nine Lives Of Tommy Black LP



Ten years have now passed since the release of "The Nine Lives of Tommy Black" and time flies when you're having fun, they say. With many trips across the Atlantic and back home to Trollhättan, a sound has been developed to be one of the sharpest and most significant soundscapes in Swedish hip-hop history.


Ladies and gentlemen, let us present the 58th grammy award winning hip hop producer: Tommy Black. With adjustments for the Japanese market in form of an OBI, the album is now available on a 180 gram vinyl which includes a new master as well! Served in a small quantity, act fast!




A1 The Nine Lives Of Tommy Black
A2 Movement
A3 Delusion
A4 Look Outside
B1 Inside The Space Capsule
B2 Moonscape
B3 Streets Of Atlantis
B4 Sly Black & The Zodiac
B5 Time Voyage