Uptown "They Better Recognise" 7"

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Two Golden Era Giants caught here on this 7" vinyl outing from Beats in Progress with Tuf Kut on production and cuts these legendary MCs both have their sides to shine.


Uptown, whose classic "Dope on Plastic" and seminal releases with Buckshot LeFonque stamps his lyrical mark with the same tone and prowess as ever. Blessing Dope verses here for you.


Percee P, the Legendary Lyricist, is here with his unforgiving verbal assault. With driving dexterity in a never ending verse that brings to to the lyrical climax only for MrVincent to take over the pounding BBoy dancer that ears yearn for. From "Lung Collapsing Lyrics", "Don't Cum Strapped" and a list of features as long as your arm from Lord Finesse, J5, Madlib, Edan, Koushik, BigDaddyKane and the Heliocentrics.


This 7" is severely limited and its 200+ copies will go out to all corners. Catch a copy ..or two before they're gone! The image is of black vinyl but these babies were made on "EcoVinyl" and come with unique colours to your copy!




1. Uptown "They Better Recognise" 
2. Percee P - Percee P "Beatsin"