DJ Too Tuff - Lost Archives Part Too CD


After the breakup of Tuff Crew, DJ Too Tuff opened a studio at No 7 West Girard Ave in an area known now as Northern Liberties. Through hand to hand flyers, street team promotions and mixtape sales DJ Too Tuff was able to create his own underground collective and discover new talent that would later be in this lost archives collection. Many of the songs that were made ended up being used as Rest In Peace and dedication songs by drug posses during the 80's and 90's drug wars. All of this production was made exclusively on 2 Technics 1200s / Numark Mixer / Akai MPC 60 / Multiverb / Tascam 488 purchased by Sound One Talent by Philip Voluck Esq. and John The Investor.


The CD version will be limited to only 300 copies, and the vinyl version will be coming in late November.



01 Murder 4 Hire (Intro) - Ice Dog & DJ Too Tuff
02 Stick Up - Straight Binness
03 Badman - Straight Binness
04 Watcha Gonna Do - Straight Binness Feat. Ice Dog & Jackal Da Bear
05 Backwoods - Class B aka Spreewell
06 Faded Memory (Instrumental)
07 Wicked Now Mon (Instrumental) - Feat. Jackal Da Bear
08 Still Taking Losses - Feat. Jackal Da Bear
09 Straight Binness Theme - Straight Binness
10 Live @ Mahorn’s - Feat. Emcee Mechanism & Ice Dog
11 211 Is An Art - Project Ni**az (E-Dog & Mad Dog)


Shipping Date: September 9th, 2022