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The Govenor - Govenor's Taxin CD

The Govenor - Govenor's Taxin CD
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One of those gems that's been on many wantlists for years! First official CD reissue of The GOV's first solo tape "Govenor's Taxin" featuring 2Pac & Richie Rich originally released back in 1992. Also includes an extra bonus track as well!


Official "Handle Bar Records" release in collabo with our fam NorthCyde Vinyl.




1. Intro (Au, Drop By)
2. Govenor's Taxin
3. Player Haters
4. Gaffled Like That Feat. 2Pac & Richie Rich
5. Govenor's Taxin (Instrumental)
6. The Best Thing (Bonus Track)


Shipping Date: August 19th, 2022