Finsta - No Time To Live Foul / Outta Da Dark 12"

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Subway Hip Hop Records brings you straight from Brooklyn, NY “Finsta”. Finsta is half of the duo Finsta Bundy who have spent the last 3 decades plus creating some of the best hip hop records in the game. Finsta takes you on a journey courtesy of Therapybeats (Chicago) and DJ Tren (France) production.


No Time To Live Foul takes you back to his earlier years in Brooklyn and part of his life growing up. With a more soulful feel this track will definitely hit. The remix produced by DJ Tren from France of Street Wyze production. More soulful flavor to compliment this track.


Outta Da Dark is what Finsta is known for. That raw, dirty, gutter, street, dark, boom bap hip hop. This is that head nod type of hip hop that takes you to the golden era of the 90’s era NYC. The remix hits even harder and really makes you miss those years where boom bap hip hop was coming out weekly.


All 4 vocal songs come with instrumental versions. This is one of the last 12” vinyl hip hop record done as a single the way it use to be done. Vocal, remix, instrumental of each song.


Available in 3 versions, very limited copies available of these!




No Time To Live Foul (Therapybeats Original)

No Time To Live Foul (Therapybeats Instrumental)

No Time To Live Foul (DJ Tren Remix)

No Time To Live Foul (DJ Tren Remix Instrumental)


Outta Da Dark (Therapybeats Original)

Outta Da Dark (Therapybeats Insturmental)

Outta Da Dark (Therapybeats Remix)

Outta Da Dark (Therapybeats Remix Instrumental)


Shipping Date: July 29th, 2022